Increase milk?

Low supply mom here. Recently I’m back in the workforce but my job nature only allow me to pump every 8-10hrs. One side of my milk supply has drastically drop from 60ml to 20ml. The other side still manage to hit 50ml. Any idea how to boost? I’ve tried all the lactation stuff. And pump more frequently over the weekends. Any suggestion to increase milk flow?

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Breast makes milk according to how much you empty them. Milk supply boosters are just temporary unfortunately. If you can't empty your breast, have to do power pumping during weekends or after your work. If you can latch, that would be the best.

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Do you take fenugreek? I heard it can either be good or bad so if it's not working for you try to stop. Also pumping every 8-10 hours is too little so surely it will affect supply, no other way except find out how to pump more regularly :( sorry

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Fenugreek causes colic. Eat more greens, iron rich food.

have you considered taking moringga powder/capsules? eat soups like seaweed soup, mussels soup, papaya soup with fish. try to get as much sleep/rest as you can and hopefully that helps too :)

Would a wearable pump work for you? Not sure if work allows you to store your expressed milk.

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are u also taking supplements, pills etc? oats? fish?

5y ago

Yeah. I am.

Drink more water Take oatmeal, fenugreek