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Im a first time mom. Very excited for everything, especially about my baby bump. When or what month did your baby bump get really big? Im currently at 4 months and my bump still looks small ?

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I'm now in 26 weeks yet my bump look like 4 months pregnant. But my gynae said cannot based on the size of the bump. She told me actually my baby is quite big, weight is over the average. As long the baby is growing and healthy there is nothing to be worried about. Some people said it could be due to 1st time pregnancy the tummy's skin is still tight not so stretchable yet.

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My bump was quite small, but it started to grow a lot from end of 6months. Even my colleagues whom I see almost on a daily basis could see the very big change in size. My stretch marks also only started showing from week 27 onwards.

It really depends on your body! Currently at 9 months yet people think I’m only at 6-7 months due to the size of my bump. The most important thing is what the gynae says and the health of your baby inside :)

Me too I'm at 11 weeks and I keep on looking at my bump every day to see got difference or not. My hubby went 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ everytime he see me do it. Hahaha

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Hahaha. 😁😁😁

1st preg, tummy became obvious at 6 month onwards. I kept on wearing loose clothes. then 2nd preg, tummy more obvious at 4 month... both r boys. total weight gain for both around 8kg though

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im at 24wks now and still look like im having a full belly. when in the mrt, ppl have to look at my tummy atleast 3-4 times before offering.

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Lucky that people are offering to you... 18 weeks and nobody offering yet 🥲

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third trimester, especially in last 2 months my belly really grew very big, and some dresses couldn't wear anymore for those months

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Mine become big at week 37. But people still thought that I'm at month 5-6 when I was alr giving birth 1 week later.

5 months onwards.. 7 months now belly is quite big already.. Can't imagine the last 2-3 months

It’s doesn’t matter how big is the bump, as long as gynae advise baby is growing good