baby bump.

hi everyone. im currently 31 week today and my baby bump still looks small compared to others issit normal? though the doc says my baby’s growth / weight all is good. Will the bump be different if u have baby boy or girl????? ( eg. Baby boy bump will be bigger )

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don’t worry, i had no bump at all till 36weeks. even then i look slightly bloated only after i eat. nobody can tell i was preggy. baby came out healthy at 39weeks

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Don’t worry. My baby bump was small too but the doc said all is good. I had a baby girl. I think the size and shape of baby bump is not dependent on gender.

Hi, I think you should not worry about the size of the baby bump as long as you are healthy and baby inside is growing and healthy :)

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The size of the bump doesn’t matter. It’s baby’s weight that matters:) rest of it is water and fats. Heh

Doesn’t matter the size of bump as long as Nb is healthy


Don't worry!