Should I rush to private or wait for my local hospital appointment?

Hi. I’m currently at week 7. This is my first time. I’m getting anxiety and worried if my pregnancy is ok as I’ve not been to the gynae yet. My appointment is set in July and by then I would be 14 weeks. Should I just go to private to scan first and see if baby is ok? Just afraid it’s too early or is it too late? Or I should wait for the appointment in July. All these worrying makes me so tired.

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Congrats mama! I go private and could see the baby (0.83cm haha) and hear it’s heartbeat via the vaginal scan at 6weeks5days. I called just before CNY long weekend and got an appointment on day 3 CNY so I am assuming u can get it in next few days if you called during clinic hours tomorrow. Personally, I would be too anxious to wait that long too and I think the first trimester is crucial (you will be second tri by 14 weeks!)! I spent about $150 I think. I would go with peace of mind rather than to have to wait another month plus ❤️

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Congrats! 😊 Definitely go to a private gynae first to get a peace of mind! I personally wouldn’t be able to wait so long too. I heard my baby’s heartbeat at 6 weeks so you would likely be able to hear a heartbeat by now. Private clinics can usually slot you in within the next few days so it’s pretty efficient. Cost wise consultation on average would be around $120-150 for initial visit and ultrasound scan would set you back by about $100 /-

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I would go private first as you’ll need to have your first trimester screen at 11-14 weeks, so having your first appointment at 14 weeks is cutting it close and they might not have a slot for you. And start taking folic acid now if you haven’t already. Congrats mama!!

I would go to private gynae and get a scan asap first. At least I will have a peace of mind instead of worrying. :)

2mo ago

Thank you Fasihah! Definitely will be going down to the private clinic soon 😊

8weeks will be able to hear baby’s heartbeat. You may want to consider going to a private at 8weeks 🙂

2mo ago

Thank you dear!

start eat folic acid first and also go gync check one time