Scan before first appt in NUH

My first appointment with NUH will only be 1.5 months from now which i estimate I will be around 9-10 week. I would like to ask if anyone went private clinic to scan beforehand before the first appointment as it is too long of a wait? If so how many weeks did you go at, is it expensive?

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Yes, they actually suggested me to go to private to do a scan and test before my apptment. However, i ended up continuing at private clinic n nv went back nuh.. i found out my pregnancy at wk 8/9 which was in early jan.. the apptment at nuh was late feb.. did my nipt at a pte clinic as well..

8mo ago

Hi, i went to astra women clinic. Btw, this is sourced on our own so we were not particular abt gynaes

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Hey Mama, you can definitely visit a private clinic before your NUH appointment just for peace of mind! Go around 7/8 weeks. That’s around the time you can detect a heartbeat.