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I'm 4 weeks preggers and I m super worried because today i have some brown spotting. It's my first pregnancy and I'm not sure how to identify whether it's a sign of miscarriage or just implantation bleeding. My first gynae appointment is on the 13 May (week 7)... should I just relax and not be worried, or bring forward my first appointment, not sure if it's too early

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Hi Beatrice, what’s the result? Is everything ok? I’m experiencing the exact same thing now at 4 weeks and gynae appt is only at 7 weeks. Freaking out cos I had a miscarriage 3 months ago.

It’s normal, just monitor if is too heavy and having pain Go a&e for a check before your appt. I have bleeding on and off too during week 6-8 too. Try to rest and less walking during this period.

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I did have some brown discharge throughout my pregnancy, but I would suggest you monitor closely, and if there’s heavier staining or blood or cramps, go to the hospital

brown blood is okay, its old blood. if its bright red blood and alot of it go see a doc

6mo ago

but what if there's bright red blood but just a long thin stretch on a pad? should i be worried?

if you're really worried, please go see your gynae

please go see your doctor don't take a risk