how pregnant mums does it ?

Im currently approaching 34weeks, its been so hard for me to work. Cant stand or sit for too long, best is lay down on bed. I cant even focus and very forgetful, to the point i decided to take unpaid leave to rest at home till i deliver. How does pregnant mum continue to work till their EDD?

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Congrats on your pregnancy! Keep in mind that all pregnancies are different and there are so many mums like you, who find their energy depleting towards the end of the pregnancy. Make sure you are taking in enough nutrition and resting enough when you're home. If you take public transport, you might find it easier to take taxis just for the last few weeks. However, it might be also good to mention to your doctor that how you feel. If it's anything out of the ordinary, they will be able to advise you.

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3y ago

Thank you so much for your advise 😘

I'm on 31 weeks and facing quite similar challenges as you. My gynae gave me HL to rest at home till i meet him again in 2 weeks time. I'm a preschool teacher so the nature of my job requires a lot of physical labour. I also took grab to and fro work for the past 2 weeks cos i get put of breath easily. But hang in there mummy! We will get through this!

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2y ago

Jiayou fellow EC educator! May we all get through this!

Same as the rest mentioned.. everyone and every pregnancy is diff.. I worked till the day that my water bag burst but luckily was on a weekend.. did not expect it as it was 2 weeks before my edd.. just take it easy, if you can't, then take hospitalisation leave will be better for you.. don't stress yourself.

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I resigned when i was 7 months pregnant. Wasted but i was too tensed and stress up. Didnt wanna affect my baby go decided to let go of my job. Cant stand and sit for long is normal. Turning here and there while lying on bed is also normal. Bear with it, another 4 weeks. U will find it worth it🙃

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I'm currently at week 28 and I'm wondering the same thing as you too. I don't know if I can take it any much longer. The breathlessness, heartburn, back aches, swollen feet and Dr recently said that baby is very big already. Still got so many weeks to go and baby will only get bigger. 😅

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As what the rest said, every mommy is diff. I took a month of leave/ mcs cause I too cant take it at work. It's physically and mentally draining me. Hwaiting ok! Take and enjoy the rest you need. 🥰

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Every mummy is different and the nature of the job. I'm recording to work until my edd as my office job now allows me to work from home. Can imagine it to be quite unbearable in other circumstance

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every pregnancy differs i went on leave as early as 37 weeks just for peace of mind

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every pregnancy is different. hang on there mummy!

I resign since first trim.. so just relax eveydya