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I'm currently 8 weeks pregnant, ever since then I stated to have rashes all around my body. Which itch really badly, any mummies encounter this before?
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Mine started week 15 n lasted till ard week 20.. went to doc n got some meds, doesnt work.. only to realise I'm allergic to peanut butter during pregnancy! ..
Change your shower gel. It maybe due to the shower gel too strong. U can try aveeno but the dermawash I think.
Aveeno Watson’s can get.. derma something one which is in a box.. some oats shower gel
Me too. I'm wk 27 now. Still itchy. Apply many types of cream and no use at all
I have consult a doctor and was given chlorpheniramine.. To me was useless 🤦‍♀️gynae only ask me to apply calamine lotion
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my Dr say for mine is pregnancy rash. Will goes off after delivery