Itch everywhere?

Im at 37 weeks and 2 days, and suffering for bloated/water retention legs. But what's with the itch? It's all over my body! Its all over my legs, arms, stomach and i cant deal with this itch. I scratch till it bleeds. Is this normal? I never had any allergy..#1stimemom #pleasehelp #firstbaby #advicepls #itchypregnantbody#pregnancy

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Hey mummy! Are there bumps where it itches? If yes, you might have PUPPP rash. It usually goes away after you give birth! I had mine at 36 weeks and sure enough at 38weeks after I gave birth, it went away. I had to endure the crazy itch for two weeks. Tried every remedy and went to see my gynae for medication. Tbh nothing helps 😂 I almost wanted to induce birth cause it was so itchy! But I did end up giving birth early and lucky me it went away as if nothing.

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2y ago

I doubt it was regular stretch mark itch as it was unbearable and bumps started appearing! My doc confirmed it after :( I was prescribed steroid cream, super mild ones but it didn’t help too.

hi momma, 36weeks + today, and i also have water retention legs. doctor advise to walk more dont stand at one place too long or even sit without elevating my legs. itchyness everywhere too, my hands, stomach. my stretchmarks are crazy 😅

It’s normal due to the stretching. Try not to scratch it anymore… I scratched mine and it became a brown patch after I gave birth. Took a few months for it to fade off.