Itchy after birth

Anyone also experiencing itch after birth? I am getting these red rashes all over my body (tummy, legs, arms) l. Worst area is around the tummy. They are super itchy and I can't stop scratching. Help please !

Itchy after birth
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I not sure if it will helps, but I been using shower gel that helps me with pregnancy stretch itchiness and pre pregnancy eczema (years) which now all gone. somehow I felt long term using it helps me. if u need sample let me know. it's safe for child n mummy.

8mo ago

I still have

i always get this during my post natal. The itchy OMG!!! So stressful!! I go doctor for a gel/cream and pills. Don't scratch it will leave scars. Try put calamine lotion on it? i also tried the snake powder to stop the itch.

8mo ago

hi sis, may I know where do u get the calamine lotion? I get this red patches during my post natal as well. how long it takes for u to recover?

You are having post natal PUPPP. If really unbearable, go see a dermatologist for treatment.. if not may last a long time

It may be due to your body is weak after birth. You may want to consult TCM for recuperation. Just my two cents worth.

i had this too so I took some yin nourish supplements/herbs as advised by TCM. it goes off slowly after few months.

My whole body itch for the entire night when I had epidural. After baby came out the itch stopped

You can use some Chinese wine … It’s happen to me oso !!! It’s helps :) ❤️

yes on my hips