Rashes/hives or PUPPP? - extremely itch rashes

Hi mummies,2 weeks ago I started having itch rashes/hives (red patchy bumps) around my belly and breasts. Gynae (didnt really examine my rashes) told me that it might be heat rashes, or due to stretching of my skin or GD. Gynae just prescribe me Combiderm cream which took the rashes about 2 weeks to go away. This week the the rashes/hives started on my arms, back and belly again...it is crazily itch and have been affecting my sleep...is this Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP) rash that I am experiencing? I am week 27, last week of my 2nd trimester..

Rashes/hives or PUPPP? - extremely itch rashes
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I had such rash all over my tummy my butt my legs throughout my entire pregnancy!!! But surprisingly after baby pop then gone!!! Quite common and most gone or stop itching after baby is out!!

when I've heat rash/hive, I take telfast. It will be gone within 15min. do check with your gynea if it's suitable for you