39 weeks 5 Days

I’m currently at 39 weeks & 5 days, but have yet to experience any contraction pain / any signs of labour. Last week gynae’s appointment, baby is 3.3kg & head still not engaged / dilated!!!! Recommended by my gynae to do c-sect instead if there’s no progress. Any advice or mummy’s who have experienced similar situation? Please share your journey! #firstbaby #advicepls

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Your body is not a machine that manufactures a baby exactly on due date. Listen to your body, if baby is not ready to come out, why force it? You can safely carry baby until 42 weeks. Don't get manipulated into unnecessary medical procedures only because your body is not on doctors timeline.

7mo ago

I was quite surprised when he suggested c-sect as well. But he did mention if we induce there’s a chance of failure and end up going for emergency c-sect will only cost us more especially when she’s not engaged or dilated.. We barely talked about waiting longer, maybe a part of me is also afraid waiting will put risk on her too. But waiting till 41 weeks did past through my mind. Perhaps I’ll have to wait for the upcoming appointment to see if she made any progress..

Your gynae suggested csec? I was in your situation and my gynae suggested to induce and i managed to give birth via natural birth. Baby born 3.7kg. If you prefer natural birth, maybe you can check with your gynae if you can induce labour instead of csec.

7mo ago

That was my worry too. I waited until 40 week before i induce. My gynae kept asking me to induce since 38 week cos he say my baby has big head circumference. I wasnt dilated and baby wasnt engaged when i induce also but i was at 40 week alr. Its your choice ultimately. But be aware that baby will just get bigger and bigger each day, the chances of natural birth will be lower if baby gets too big to come out from your birth canal. Maybe you can give yourself a date to make a decision? Eg by 41 week still no contraction you can consider induce/csec?

Hi mumma, If baby is fine, please wait and continue walking, squatting and do ducks walks. You never know when the baby decides to come out. Trust the body and the natural process

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Last time on my last appointment my gynae said to induce on my edd if baby isnt out yet (coz i was diabetic). But i had contractions 2 days before i tink.. 😅

7mo ago

Talk to baby! Hehe. My idea was to only pass national day tat time HAHA