Feeling ugly during pregnancy

Hi, I’m currently 20 weeks and most of my existing clothes don’t fit me anymore. I also gained quite a bit of weight so far. Feeling quite ugly and don’t know what to wear when I need to go out. I am not sure if I should buy nice maternity clothes which will be outgrown after I given birth or bigger sizing normal clothes which might fit me now but might be too big for postpartum. I want to invest in nicer clothes to make me feel better and yet don’t wanna waste money and space. I also don’t feel confident in what I wear and just feel like an auntie. In addition, I also feel that my face has changed and don’t like my look overall. I know I will only get bigger since I’m only half way through. Not sure if it’s my mindset issue, is there any way to improve my situation now?

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What I did was to get stretchy band (scrunched back) dresses or flowy bottom midaxi (my dear boobs didn’t absorb the fats 😒) in my usual sizing so that post pregnancy I can still wear them. I also got a lot of oversized Tshirts that can accommodate my bump and as a short t-dress after birth. Keep all the prepregnancy clothings that don’t fit you now, don’t try them on, use the clothings as a motivation after birth. For ref: I went from XS to L/XXL as I gained 18KG thruout. This period, don’t get too many clothings, invest in better nursing bras and 1-2 pieces of maternity shorts instead. When you look yourself in the mirror, focus on your bump rather than other parts of your body (eg thighs or arms). Don’t step on the weighing machine definitely, I used to record daily until halfway I stressed myself out cause it’s only going up 😖. Tell yourself this is only temporary and you’re already halfway there. Eat well, drink well and you’ll shed off all the extra weights. It took me 8m to get back in shape and even so, I still do have a little mum tummy when I sit down even thou I was weighing lower than prepregnancy (I breastfeed cause they say can lose weight faster 😂).

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Thanks for sharing! You are right .. I was looking at my arms and thighs and feeling more emo. The baby and my health should be the priority now and this is only temporary :)