Question for Parents with Preschoolers: What are the skill-sets you'd hope for your preschoolers to achieve?

I'm conducting a research to find the best blend of methodology, theories and directions possible for building a curriculum to develop children holistically and I'd love to hear from you parents of preschoolers: what are some skill-sets that you'd hope for your preschoolers to acquire yet feel that the schools are not providing sufficiently with? And how much would you pay for a weekend one and a half hour session that helps your preschooler in the area they need help? Thank you and I'd love to hear from you! Kaia

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Social skills, public speaking skills, develop an interest in sports, arts and crafts.

3y ago

Hi Adlina, thanks for your reply! To help me better with my research, may I ask were there any troubles you have encountered when helping your preschooler achieve the skills you've mentioned? And if yes, what are they? Thanks and I appreciate your help! Kaia

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Robotics. Chinese speech and drama