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Important skills for 5-6 yo?
Hi parents in your opinion what are skills that are important for your 5-6 yo preschooler to have before going to primary school?
They must learn to write and count.
Intra & Inter personal skills
Social skills definitely and reading skills. Reading skills is helpful to understanding of other concepts as well.
Social skills, self help skills, early reading skills, early writing skills.
Must be aware of their Phonics, and numbers, know the days in a week and months in a year, write and spell their names, form simple sentences, aware of their surroundings, able to engage in conversa
Question for Parents with Preschoolers: What are the skill-sets you'd hope for your preschoolers to achieve?
I'm conducting a research to find the best blend of methodology, theories and directions possible for building a curriculum to develop children holistically and I'd love to hear from you parents of pr
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Robotics. Chinese speech and drama
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Social skills, public speaking skills, develop an interest in sports, arts and crafts.