I'm 5-6 weeks, but had a miscarriage. This is my first pregnancy and I'm quite lost. Diagnosed with miscarriage, PUL or ectopic. They couldn't find the sac neither can they find anything in the fallopian tubes. But won't rule out ectopic yet. Was told by the doctor to go back to take a HCG test next week to confirm if it's a complete miscarriage. Still bleeding, am on the second day already. Am also experiencing headache and cramps still. Is it normal? What should I do if it's a confirmed miscarriage? Since it's 5-6 weeks, do I have to go through confinement? Or given MC?

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So sorry to hear this. Hope things are ok.

3y ago

Thank you. Will know when I go back for follow-up next week.

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Have lots of rest and take care!

Take care and have lots of rest

Do a mini confinement

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Am sorry to hear this. Please take good care!

3y ago

Thank you.