How soon should you try to conceive after a miscarriage?

Hi, I’m having a miscarriage and will be undergoing DC next week. Wondering how soon should I try to conceive after I’m done with my mini confinement? Gynae said I can always try after 1 complete menstrual cycle but I heard it’s better to try after 6 months. I’m also afraid to try again because this is my second miscarriage... Anyone tried to conceive after miscarriage and had a healthy pregnancy? If yes, how long did you start to try for baby after the miscarriage? Thank you!

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Pls wait until 6 mths. Let your body completely heal inside. Take confinement foods, do full body massage. Let your body heal and well. It's gd that you opted for D&C. Faster and all the remnants inside will be emptied out. It took me 13 mths to move on from my traumatic miscarriage and to my surprise, I found out I am pregnant on June. Currently in 2nd tri. I've had 2 miscarriages too throughout my marriage and both came out naturally. I took confinement foods. I put myself on bed rest. I did not carry or lift heavy things. I grieved as long as I want. I did not even bother to try after 1 or 3 cycles. I let myself heal first, that's priority to carry a healthy baby. I'm so sorry for your loss. But pls know that you're not alone. Rest well & heal well ❤️

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I had a miscarriage n did DC early this year. Gynae told us to try again after 2-3 menstrual cycles. After 2 cycles, I am pregnant again.. currently at 25 weeks and all is good! It wasn’t planned tho.


my gynae advice was also to try after one menstrual cycle but I only got pregnant after the 2nd cycle. please eat and rest well during your confinement to build up your health!

2y ago

i think so, i can’t rem the exact dates as I had 2 miscarriages before i have my girl. you got to relax sister! most importantly is to build your health… you need a healthy body to maintain the whole pregnancy and afterbirth. relax and stay positive!

We tried again after 4 menstrual cycles ( 4th months onwards ). It was my 2nd miscarriage too and now pregnant again in my 3rd trimester.

2y ago

Hello..congrats and glad to hear! Gives me hope. Did the doc mention any reason for the previous miscarriages? Also had one miscarriage and now a threatened miscarriage..

You can start to take Blackmore conceive well daily at least 3 month before getting pregnant again.