Threatened Miscarriage

Hello, Anyone experiencing the same like me before? Currently I’m 6 week pregnant and I am experiencing dark red blood with clot for 2 - 3 days. Gynae tried to ultrasound my baby but couldn’t find (might be too early) Gynae prescribed Duphaston (3 times a day) and was told to have bed rest. I’m going to have 2nd blood test to compare the hcg. I’m super worried about miscarriage. 😞 Update: 17 December 2021 Was having a severe lower abdominal pain on 16/12 for about 2 hours, next morning i woke up discharge lots of blood with a big palm size blood clot *6th sense it’s the sac*. Afternoon appointment with gynae and most likely confirmed it’s chemical pregnancy and i have miscarriage. Baby stop growing at week 4 (currently i should be week 6). #1stimemom #miscarriageOnFirstPregnancy

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Hi mummy, if you’re calculating 6th week based on LMP, u may want to wait till ur next check up. Cos LMP may not be accurate. Meanwhile, stay positive! I know it’s hard, but try not to stress urself up :)

2y ago

Hello! Thank you. My 2nd blood test hcg is 80 and it’s going down instead if going up

hi mummy! please rest as much as you can. i had heavy bleeding when i was in week 5 but fortunately the baby is fine :) just follow your doctor's advice and take good care of yourself.

2y ago

Thank you for giving me hope. Yup, have been listening to my doctor’s advice. Thank you!!

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Mommy , just be calm down and take rest .. wait for few weeks and agin do hcg home test . 6 weeks is too early some times .

2y ago

Just had 2nd blood test. My first blood test fot hcg is 162 IU/L should be week 3/4 but currently I’m week 6 so my gynae say it might be chemical preg or tabul pregnancy. Still need to wait for the result tomorrow 😞

Week 6 is based on LMP? sometimes ovulation can be a bit late as well. All the best!

2y ago

Thank you.

so sorry to hear that. just take it easy for now and take care of yourself.

2y ago

Thank you. Trying to recover