Is a miscarriage imminent?

Hi fellow mummies, I am at week 6 and last week HCG already hit 2K. Went for first today scan and the gynae couldn't see anything conclusive. Brought for a more detailed scan by a senior consultant to rule out ectopic pregnancy. Eventually he did find in the womb something which may be a delayed gestational sac. Which isn't a positive sign anyway. Just want to ask, has anyone had high hcg but can't see a sac yet proceed to have a successful birth eventually? I feel like I need to prepare myself for a miscarriage.😢

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Hi dear, do you mean week 6 based on your lmp? The scan shows a sac but a smaller sac is it? Sometimes it could be delayed. I went for a scan at week 5-6+, but only see a small gestational sac. Can’t really see yolk sac nor fetal pole. Went again at week 9, saw the fetal pole, but it was measured only at week 7 5 days. Hope this helps!

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hi dear, thanks for the response. yes 6 weeks based on LMP. hmmm..cos I have retroverted took them super long and 3 persons to scan before the final senior consultant finally saw something. he didn't say sac is small but he described as a delayed sac and said its not positive.