6+ Weeks With Subchorionic Hemmoraging

Hi, i'm 30 y/o and pregnant with my first baby. Upon finding out that I'm pregnant through positive PT, I had a TVS prior to meeting with an OB as advised by my sister. As the sonologist was doing the procedure, she mentioned I had some light bleeding and that I had to inform my OB about it. When I met with my OB, that was the first thing she noticed from the result then proceeded to do an IE on me and ask if I had pain points to where her fingers were pressing, I didn't feel any pain. She asked if I experienced any type of spotting, I said I didn't. The result of my TVS also mentioned that my baby's heartbeat was at 111 instead of the 120 we're hoping to get. Afterwards she recommended I take Heragest for 14 days and undergo another TVS after so she can assess. I am bedrest and don't experience a lot of symptoms except for tender breasts and insomnia. I was wondering if any one else had experienced subchorionic hemmoraging and what was advised to you by your OB? Do you experience a majority of the pregnancy symptoms?

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Meron din Po minimal SH sa ultrasound ko 6weeks pregnant, pinagtake Po Ako 3x a day duphaston ni ob at if in pain Po inuman ko daw Po isoxsuprine every 8hrs if needed lang.. and tinanong nya Po if nagsex kami ng hubby ko, advice nya din no sex Muna after maultrasound ulit.. nakakaba mag intay another 2weeks.. 33yrs old at 1st time..

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Yes momsh it's normal sa first tri. 7 weeks to 10 weeks may internal bleeding din ako. Took heragest lagay sa pems every night. The reason kasi yung egg kumawala na somewhere dun sa uterus mo kaya naginternal bleeding. Mawawala din yan. Bedrest and heragest everything will be ok momsh

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Same lang tayo sis, basta sundin advise ng doctor, may oral and vaginal pampakapit din. Tumagal din almost 3 months gamutan ko. Hindi rin ako aq masyado nagkaroon ng pregnancy symptoms pero okay na c bb.