i'm 28weeks pregy now for my first baby. Alhmdullialh able to fasting during ramadhan..if asking about it will harm the baby if fasting or now, my consultan said unless u dont have any problem or medical illness during pregy it good to fasting extually even for your baby.. it will not harm the baby ..timeing that we eat extually same as usual just twisted the time only..example when we eat sahur it same like we take breakfirst and normal dinner we just take late afew same as our daily routine..just portion that we take must be enough on protine,carbo and others.. we also need observe baby movement if more that 10 movement per day it considered normal.. anyway it up to mmomy..

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Saya 15 w sis. Saya pun puasa dari day 1 of ramadhan. Betul doctor kata puasa mmg xmbahayakan utk ibu dan bayi, tapi kalau ibu rasa xlarat atau keletihan melampau lebih baik xteruskan puasa.

same like me 😊