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Hi all. My gynae has alrdy checked the gender through ultrasound at 17 weeks. She checked it a few times to ensure and she said high chance its a girl as baby is spreading her legs wide open. Do you think it would be accurate? If its a boy, would it be obvious that something is sticking out at 17 weeks? Thanks!!! Patiently for my detail scan in a week's time!

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3 diff gynae check from wk16 - wk20 and told me I’m having a baby girl. And I know I’m having a girl (I did NIPT test). So I must say it’s quite accurate

Yes, my highly experienced gynae can tell my baby was boy in week 12 and confirmed already can see penis in week 16.

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Dr A L Lim. His clinic is at TMC itself

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20th week for sure they know. But I am sure doc will not say the gender until they are sure

If boy, they can easily confirm. But if girl, need to wait for detailed scan to make sure.

U will be able to confirm ur gender 3 weeks later in the detailed scan

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Saw you posted this a while ago. Just curious was the doc right? 😊

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Maybe wait till the 20 weeks detailed scan. More accurate also

Maybe wait for the next scan for more details

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wait till the next ultrasound and ask again


My gynae advises me every visit 😅