If your kid asks you for a pet, what animal do you want to give him or her?

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A dog, no doubt. But then you have to really make sure that you get the right kind of breed for your family and the amount of activity you're willing to spend on the dog. Athletic dogs like retrievers for example, require loads of attention when it comes to physical activities such as running. While toy dogs like pugs don't. At the end of the day it depends on your lifestyle and preference.

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A golden retriever puppy for me. As per studies, they're the most intelligent and child friendly breed. I want him to be more responsible in life so a dog is perfect choice. She can do that by feeding and walking her dog as well as cleaning the pee and poop of her pet dog.

I would want to give my child a puppy/dog. I never got the chance to have a pet due to my asthma. His dad really wants for him to have a pet soon, and we're still looking at other options that will not trigger my asthma.

Either a puppy or love birds. Simply because i know how to take care of both and it would be easy for me to train them.

Definitely a dog! We have a Yorkshire Terrier and I think they have the most perfect temperaments for kids.

dog,ms mgnda small breed mna hbng bata pa si lo then pg lmki na,pwde nrn mlking dog😆pra skn lng po ah

pusa po. yun favorite ko. toddler ko, mahilig na rin sa pusa ngayon.

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dog and cat ❤️ Im animal lover too.

dog ❤️❤️