If you come to know that ur child has a defect and u can get a abortion done, what would you do?

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I would first, discuss with my partner. Find out more about the condition and consider whether or not we could handle it. Caring for a child with special needs requires tremendous amount of patience, love, and effort. It will not be fair to the child if we were to bring him/her into this world but not able to care for him/her adequately. I know not everyone would agree because some would think that we shouldn't be the ones to decide the fate of another person, even if he/she is an unborn child. But, to me, personally, I think I would be doing him/her more harm than good if (right from the start) I don't think I am capable of such a huge responsibility. Just my take. Hope I didn't offend anyone!

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I will give up the child. I have been through these with my mother for my elder brother. I witnessed how suffering my elder brother was when he was still alive, having fits out of sudden few times a month. He was unable to feed himself, take care of himself, go toilet himself. Also, my mother has gone through a very tough time in taking care of him. Also, as the sibling, I feel a lot of stresses and feel helpless as don't know how to help him. Thus, I feel if I know the child has defect I will not be selfish to keep him/her as the lifetime commitment for him/her, myself, and my family is huge. However, if the defect is not brain damage or serious illness, I will keep the baby.

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I agree with most here - it would really depends. In my religion, it is frowned upon to have an abortion but frankly speaking, I would rather think long term, not just financially but for my child's future too. Would she be able to strive and survive should one day I no longer be around to care for her/him? If the conditions are too extreme then I would go for it despite what my parents would say to me, even despite what my husband would tell me. It is already a harsh world out there and having to see my child suffer even further would be too much for me.

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It depends on how serious and life-threatening the defect is. Certain defect is can be treated with some surgery *Cleft Lip babies* Some need a much invasive surgery. If the defect is something that can't be treated. I will consider getting an abortion done. It's not about being cruel or heartless. I wouldn't want a newborn to be deliver to this world being clueless all the pain that they will face as they get older. Try seeking second option before deciding on anything.

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It really depends. Seek a 2nd opinion if required. Basically you need to weigh both pros and cons. Unless it is life threatening then no choice else high chance we will jot do it. Another factor to consider is that if you deliver the baby and needs to take care of him/her until you die, can you afford? What happens after you pass on? All these you need to sit down in a calm mind to discuss with yr husband and family. Family support is extremely important.

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Totally depends. If it's much severe or weird defect, whatever the world says, I might end up with abortion. If you're practical, you can imagine it's not just your life but even the kids life would be miserable, why would you want that? But if it's something curable, pls let the baby see the world :)

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I would get an abortion done. I feel that's the best thing I could do for my baby as it would be tough for a mother to see her baby struggle every single day of his life. Moreso, when you know that you could have taken the right decision at the right time. Don't you think so?

In theory, I would. I have no spiritual belief that fetus are alive and should not be terminated. In practice, it will have to depend on how far along the pregnancy is, how I feel about it at that time, what is the likelihood of conceiving etc

It's clear to me - I would not go ahead with the pregnancy. I do not have the strength or support required to handle a special needs child.