How do you know that a child has adhd?

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A child can be tested for ADHD at the age of 7 with the Psy's assessment n diagnosis. Below 7 might be hard to pinpoint as they are not mature enough. It might be an unfair assessment to label a young child. Also, check on ur hub and ur family tree to see if there are any relatives have ADHD. It can run in genes.

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A child with ADHD might: daydream a lot forget or lose things a lot squirm or fidget talk too much make careless mistakes or take unnecessary risks have a hard time resisting temptation have trouble taking turns have difficulty getting along with others

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Send your child for an assessment, if its positive they will diagnose him and get him treated. Please do not self diagnose and label your child names. A child could. Also. Be hyper active rather then adhd.

This might cause symptoms at home, in day care, or at school in children or toddlers with ADHD, such as difficulty focusing on activities and becoming easily distracted.

I am an educational therapist and a UK study visa consultant and when it comes to recognizing an ADHD kid, they are impatient and repetitive behaviours.