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If u are outside and Need to pump or bf baby, but there’s no nursing room available in the mall , what do u do ?

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Use a nursing cover. If you need to pump and bf often, wearing nursing friendly clothes helps. My baby dislike the cradle position. The best hack for me was to nurse on the go while babywearing with a nursing cover. It takes some time to get the hang of it but it’s so much easier once you know how. For younger babies, need to constantly check on their breathing.

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When i’m out (eg. Shopping), I don’t pump. I only bf. I’ll use a nursing cover. Once I got used to it, I could do it anywhere.. walking/standing/sitting/while eating, etc. Takes some practise and getting used to

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Use a cover, sometimes I breastfeed while standing also if really urgent and cannot find seat lol. Worst case is breastfeeding in the toilet if no other choice

i just breastfeed haha i was stared by other mums and they said did you see that did you see that?but my baby more important🤷‍♀️

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I wear a nursing dress/blouse and use a nursing cover. Do it all the time. Heh. While walking/sitting down on a bench/eating, etc

I always check the malls for nursing rooms. If not, bring breastfeeding cloth and find a corner or cafe.

I usually wear nursing shirt and bring nursing cover. I breastfeed anywhere.


Use nursing cover find a corner and get it done. Or if the toilet is clean.

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I pump in the car or use nursing cover.

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have to use nursing cover