If i cook 1 teasppon of rice to make porridge. How many pcs of ikan bilis i need to make the stock?? I also got add veg n chicken too

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Hi, You can add according to the amount you like. It is rich in minerals and good for the baby. But because it is high in salt, you must soak ikan bills in water and rinse it a few times before making them. It can be then used to make fish stock for the baby. Also, if you have a history of allergies then introduce baby to fish after one year and slowly.

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6y ago

thank u

If you got add chicken and veg then I suppose u don't need to add ikan bilis anymore. The flavour should come out from the chicken and veg. I wouldn't add ikan bilis so young as it's very salty. Wouldn't want lo to get used to the strong flavour

You could grind the ikan bilis to powder form and add into the porridge sparingly.personally I don't like to make stock with ikan bilis and I find the fishy Taste too strong. So far I add in the powder format my gal takes it quite well

I didn't use ikan bilis to make stock but I added in chopped ikan bilis when my rice is almost done (my 8 Mths old is eating rice instead of porridge) so the ikan bilis doesn't get cooked for too long

It has no limit. You can add to your preferred. However adding too much may cause the soup to be too salty. I usually add a few pieces. If 1 teaspoon, maybe just 10pcs of ikan bilis.

6y ago

thank u