Do i cook rice, chicken and carrot together after that mashed it. Or can i steam chicken and carrot. After that i cook e rice separately. Later once e rice cooked, i add into e blender n blend together?? How to go about

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Usually I just cook it all together as porridge. If you want it more mushy then add more water when cooking. Or if you use a slow cooker, you should be able to reach a very mushy consistency without having to mash it. If you cook rice first then blend, I think it will end up being abit starchy. Maybe you can consider grinding the raw rice before cooking it. You can grind it either by using one of those bullet blenders, or if you intend to grind large portion, some tcm have the grinder Oh yes, old folks say that it's not good to blend cooked porridge/rice because it creates "wind"

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You can consider steaming the rice and chicken together. This way you would have chicken rice for the little one. Add more water for the rice so it will be softer and mushy for the younger kids. Carrots can be steamed together but it needs to cut chopped up smaller as carrots takes a longer time to cook by steaming. How old is your little one?

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hi jorelle. how to go abt using the avent blender??