I would like to know does it necessary to purchase a maternity bra? Can i just wear the normal bra that i am wearing now?

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normal bra

Normal bra still ok l r

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Your breasts will definitely be bigger after delivery. You can opt for a bigger normal bra or maternity bras. If you are nursing, you may want to use a nursing bra. Whichever is more comfortable for you.

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Yes. U can wear a normal bra

No I have pregnant nou


Naka sports bra ako and ayos naman for me.

Its depend on you. Just use which one is comfortable for you..

Even before being pregnant I'm used to wearing sports / active wear bra because it is more comfortable and still using them at 12weeks pregnant. But I bought some cotton / seamless nursing bras in a bigger sizes in case my bras doesn't fit me anymore.

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You can purchase extenders instead for added comfort when the cup size you are wearing is still loose.