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Right now, I am in 18 weeks pregnancy. Wearing normal bra nowadays sometimes can be hurtful especially the wired ones. Is it good time to wear maternity bras for daily wearing? #FirstPregnancy

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Hey Hanis! Our breast may feel tender or sensitive while pregnant due to hormones. Switch to a wireless bra, or bralette. You can even wear the nursing bras you may have bought for use after delivery.

I wear maternity bra at 2nd trimester, need to get comfortable. bought this bra, cheap and good material and comfy

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I changed my bra to uni qlo bras! They’re superrrrr comfy! The ones without wire. Idk what’s it called though. Is it seamless? But it works wonders! You should trrrrrrry!

I'm 15 weeks and I've started wearing maternity bras because my regular ones got too painful to wear. so it's time to start wearing as soon as u feel uncomfortable :)

I’m 17 weeks in & wearing wireless bras from uniqlo for the moment! They’re comfortable & affordable 😊 will switch to nursing bra after delivery!

yes! I started wearing nursing bra when I was 18.5 weeks! it's really much more comfortable. I found some on shopee that is really affordable too! :)

yes! I started wearing maternity bra at my second trimester onwards cause normal bra is just too stiffening and sometimes itches my boobs..

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I changed all my bras to a larger size (thankfully I have a full set available cause I had a huge weight gain previously haha)!

I'm wearing either sports bra or bralette but i assure you sports bra work wondersssss 🤟🏽

you can buy nursing bras or bras from iminxx / our braletter clubs... they are soft and comfy!