Cervical polyps

Hello mommies! Anyone developed cervical polyps when pregnant? I am week25day4, when I suddenly had pink spotting. Went to my gynae, and realised I had a cervical polyp growth. It is considered big. She didnt say I need to remove, but I dont feel good about it. Anyone had it before and what did you do?

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Hi! I happened to see your concern and want to ask how did your doctor handled it? I have polyps and I’m 8 weeks pregnant. It worries me too, I just want to feel that I am not alone… thank you ❤️

12mo ago

Hi there, the week right before removing the polyp, I bleed twice and the last was very heavy (dripping down the floor). After removing the polyp, I had totally no bleeding for about a month. However, the past week, I'm having spotting/discharge again. A little bit (red/pink/brownish colour) on my pantyliner. I also have recurring candida infection. I'm not sure if it is causing it. I'm seeing my gynae next week, I'll ask him to check again. If the spotting gets worse I'll go see him earlier.

Not sure if this helps but i’m 13weeks with cervical polyps w occasional spotting. I’m on hormone pills to stabilize. My dr also said not to remove, unless really endangering the pregnancy..

I had it before I was pregnant and it disappeared when I got pregnant. Maybe you can get some more advice from your Gynae on what to do about it or look out for.