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what are the compulsory jabs in Singapore and what are optional ?
Having 2 kids myself, i don't even know what are the compulsory jabs. I get confused.
By law, there are a number of vaccinations that are compulsory for children to recieve such as Diptheria must be completed before a child turns one year old whilst measles must be completed before the
Hi, is there any essential oil which is edible ? And also is essential oil safe for us to add into the bathing water for baby? I also heard that essential oil helps to let baby sleep well and breathe
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I made balms for babies and am an avid essential oil used :) I personally don’t recommend babies or children to ingest EO.
Hi there, I would advise against giving babies and children essential oils orally. Certain essential oils could be toxic if ingested. You can add essential oils to bath water but make sure the oils
when will you start sending your child to infant care ? is it necessary to do so?
hi mom, in my case, i sent my kids to care only once they started attending kindergarten. but a few of my friends who resumed regular office timings after the maternity period was over, started keepin
Whether I'm a working or stay home mom, sending my child to school is necessary. The environment is better with structure.
I have friends who sent their child after their maternity leave ended and had to return to work, it's not by choice as no one in the family can help. It's not necessary but it's an option for parent
4 months when maternity leave is over. I am a working mum - so no choice
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what is the best thing you ever give a child ?
Your time... give them attention and listen to them. Tell your child he or she has an amazing point of view and make them feel important to you!
A bible for children - that's if you are a Christian.
My nieces love the laughs we share 😆✌️
Making my kids comfortable, at home and good education on process
Mind sharing the colour of Avent milkbottles ? And usually how many milkbottles will you be preparing for your newborn ?
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I bought 4 comotomos and 2 mam bottles to begin
I bought the natural bottles classic is discontinued alr) all in the clear series. It works well for my daughter since Day 1, no leakage or teats issue. I would think 6 bottles is good to start with
I brought 1 Avent natural glass bottle, 2 Avent Classic and 2 Avent natural bottles (All in white). I wasnt sure which bottle suits him. I found this blog quite interesting. The mother gave her view
Anyone can share how many packets of herbal bath should be prepared for confinement ? And how many bottles of rice wine ? And what other things to get for confinement ?
Hi Koon Lim, I bought these much and still got leftover because I dont really follow the confinement rules. Herbal bath: 12 pkts (bath from day 4) Rice wine: 15 bottles (still have 5 bottles unu