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any recommendations for diapers for NB please? i heard that Huggies is the smallest and most suitable for asian babies as compared to other brands, not sure if it’s true though. any comments for Merries and Drypers? thanks in advance!

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You may have to try out different brands to see what suits your baby, since babies' tummy/ thigh sizes may vary and amount of poo/ urine may also vary. My baby was 2.8kg at birth. SGH provided huggies platinum in JB size. It was okay in terms of holding her poo and urine since she wasn't exactly having that much output in the beginning. For the same reason, there wasn't much smell for me to notice. My baby has skinny thighs and the fit was okay with no leakage but she did have some marks from the lining inside. Tried offspring ultra thin in NB. Fit, collection of poo/urine/ smell all okay but I won't repurchase for that price point- it's $12.50 for a 22 piece pack and that's the only pack they have for NB size. Tried rascal and friends in NB. I like this brand the most so far. Fits my baby well, no smell or leakage whatsoever. It is on the bulkier side of diapers when it's full but the interior is soft and dry even if I drag out the diaper change frequency to 6 hours (for pee only, now she's 7 weeks old and mostly on BM, she poos much less now). I do think their cutting is a bit smaller than other brands. Tried huggies platinum NB since it's recommended by many parents on this app but in my honest opinion, it's my least favourite so far. Fit isn't good due to her smaller thighs. Smells bad / smells like urine most of the time even if I change every 2-3 hours; regularly has leakage from her thighs which stains her clothes as well. Also feels a bit damp and her bottom is a tad red when I change it slightly later than 2-3 hourly. I read that huggies gold has a smaller cut but just based on the smell I won't repurchase. I'm trying merries next, since it also seems recommended by many parents.

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I've tried many brands of diaper due to my baby loves to fart and poonami tgt at one go. And she tend to have sensitive butt too. Here's my review: Huggies failed all verison Mamypoko failed all verison Peekaboo failed Drypers failed all version Moony failed Genki worst diaper of all Pampers failed all verison Offspring ok but at times will leak abit cannot hold pee more than 4 hours will redness. Merries can hold very well won't leak. Can hold pee diaper up to 8 hours but it will have a smell after 3 hours. Rascals and friends can hold very well no leak. Pee can hold up to 12 hours.

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Request for samples from different brands to see which one is suitable for your baby. Hospital gave Huggies JB upon discharge and I prepared 1 pack of Huggies NB (platinum). Currently using Pampers but my 3-week old babygirl seems to have diaper rash from it. Bought Merries to try too. Apparently we’re trying out different brands before deciding on one. And babies sure use a lot of diapers in a day! 😅

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huggies is considered one of the better brands out there, it fits well n doesnt cause much issue. though some babies take some brands better than other, id suggest u try your preferred brand first, if it doesnt work out then move to another brand

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Huggies Gold and Drypers have smaller cuttings Huggies Platinum’s cutting is bigger, and so is Merries Personally Huggies Gold has worked well for both my kids

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I bought moony when my LO is a newborn and trued merries when he was 1mo. Switched back to moony cause i think moony is better 😂

Hi, Do try Huggies as many of friends have used it for their kids

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I used huggies platinum and drypers

Huggies platinum!

Huggies platinum