I thought I was pregnant when I missed my period

I thought I was pregnant when I missed my period- it lasted for 41 days. I took it but was negative. Maybe I thought it's still early. So I was planning to wait some more to take another pt or to go to the ob-gyne. But 2 days ago, I was standing on the street when a friend riding his car pranked on hitting me, I was so scared, I even almost fell to the ground, I thought he was really trying to hit me. After some time, I noticed blood stain on my skirt. ? So I wore a feminine pad. Blood was light. This is my third day, light bleeding, pad not fully covered. Feeling cramps in my right side abdomen. Feeling sad just sad. After 41 days of missing my period, it came just when I thought I'm pregnant, it came. And I'm just sad, crying, sad.

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just keep praying and in time, God will bless you with kids. and have close monitoring with your ob for knowing the perfect time to have sex