hi just asking... pregnant or not

I'm 44yrs old with partner but not yet a mom. I have regular menstration cycle my whole life until this month. My last regular period was Feb 7-9. I had this app in my phone called CLUE , it tracks your menstration cycle, when to have a fertile week window and when will be your next period, and so far it's close to accurate sometimes one day early or one day late. But after my period from Feb 7-9, I experienced spotting from Feb 27- March 1 , literally spot only. So I was excited maybe I'm pregnant so I took a pregnancy test on march 2 but it was negative. My supposed next period is March 3 but I didn't have mens until yesterday, so we bought a pt kit, but it's still negative. Am I pregnant or not? Should I wait until I get my period or should I consult a doctor. I'm having pains in my right lower abdomen. I feel nausea. Have I just experienced phantom pregnancy?

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if you're regular in your whole life and if you're trying to conceive a many years/months then maybe you are not ovulating. try to monitor your fertility thru transvaginal... you are already 44 yrs old its time you and your partner to visit OBgyne to determine the right medications. just my opinion. but to answer your question maybe, malay natin diba buntis kana. Goodluck🎉

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Consult an OB. Try mo ito. Magaling yan. Sabihin mo nirefer kita. Super maalaga and kilala na magaling na dr sa hospitals. Check mo reviews on FB :)

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May possibility kpa mabuntis sis.. 44 yrs old din ako 22 weeks pregnant nko.. Try ka uli after 2 weeks mag pt

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Pa checkup na po. Baka kaya negative kasi kokonti palang Hcg hormones nyo.

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Consult your OB first