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My LMP was on January 20, We had unprotected sex on Jan 28, Jan 30 and Feb 2. I have a 26 days cycle but sometimes it's early 1 day and I never missed my period. And my period last up to 4 days on regular months. so I supposed to have my period on February 15. But 3 days after my expected period, It was February 18. I had pinkish blood, It's watery. And it's not normal because I always got heavy bleeding on my first period. The next day, Feb 19, my period was stopped. Feb 20 morning I went to OB said I'm not pregnant and it's not implantation, And it's normal. But the afternoon same day, I got my lightly period again but it was stopped on night, It was dry red brown on my pad. Feb 21, Feb 27, I took pregnancy test and it came out negative. Also on March 5 It was also negative. But I already had a milk on my breast when I always press it. Can I have a baby even I always got negative results on pregnancy testπŸ’”I tried different brand but same result. What can you advice on me? I hope you all guys can advice me and enlighten me. Please respect my post. #advicepls #pregnancy #pleasehelp #pleasehelp #pleasehelp

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Try mo magpaconsult kay Dra. Vessie Toy. Tell her, I referred you. Magaling yan.

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Prior to having my baby, I was diagnosed with PCOS. Both ovaries. Same thing sa amin, Ilang beses ako negative. Lost hope and cried. Medyo naddepress na rin kasi Akala ko wala na. Kasi ultrasound and blood test, negative. Lahat ng PT, negative. When I was at the point of losing hope na hahayaan ko nalang bahala na, a miracle happened. 2 or 3 weeks ako Hindi nagPT, randomly nagPT ako, biglang positive. Wala ako milk until now na 32wks ako sa Friday, pero ayun nagulat din ako na nagpositive ako. Kasi 1st anak ko, it showed agad nun delayed ako for almost 2wks. Etong 2nd ko, antagal. Miracle talaga for me...