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I am thinking of drinking pregnancy milk to help baby growth. What kind of milk do you all recommend?

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i'm refraining myself from taking extra supplements other than acid folic right now because I had experience taking so many canggih food with my first pregnancy, enfamum, shaklee esp, shaklee alfafa, whatever shaklee crap... my first born turned up with autism. i stopped myself from repeating the same mistake for my second pregnancy and my daughter turned up normal. now i'm pregnant again and i won't be taking extra supplements beside what is prescribed by the clinic.

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Sbi nila enfamama chocolate.Nkaka bawas daw ng pag susuka but i guess depende padin sa hiyang mo Kci akoang natry ko plng sa first and second baby ko , is anmum vanilla. But dto sa 3rd pregnancy ko , ayaw ko ng amoy ng gatas kaya bka switch slo sa enfamama chocolate or anmum chocolate.

Anmum is popular however it can cause gestational diabetes and causes macrosomia, or big baby which can cause many problems and need Caesarian. I honestly feel low fat high calcium milk, yogurt, green vegetables, fresh fruits are better sources of vitamins, iron and calcium.

Tinanong ko na yan sa OB ko then ang sabi nia mostly ang inaadvise nila is anmum. Pero you can have the choices such as soya milk, full cream milk. Pero wag lang coffee.. Sa ngayon kasi, ung anmum, may after taste. Hehe di lang ako ung may reaction jan pero. It's up to you po..

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For me , I might go for Enfamama. Papabili palang. Anhirap lng sa groceries kasi patayan ang pila

I actually consulted my TCM about drinking a glass of milk a day. He asked me if the purpose is for calcium. If yes, then he suggested anchovies soup, pork bone soup and chicken bone soup instead of milk. So I've not been drinking milk daily instead. Haha..

hello po,hindi pa ako nka punta sa ob this week ko ln nlaman na preggy pala ako tpos umiinom po aku ng bear brand na gatas nung hindi ku pa alam na preggy aku, ok ln po ba yun? thank you sa maka sagot po 1st time mom-to-be here ☺️

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okay ma, mas masarap nga daw po chocolate hehe

You can get samples from the various to try out and see what you prefer. Also can read up about the content of the various milk powders before you decide. For me, taste is quite important cos if you don’t like it, you won’t drink it.

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FrisoMum! It’s nicer than most pregnancy milk I’ve tried. Alternatively you can go and signup for those sample milk packets on various websites for Brand’s like Enfamama, Similac Mum and FrisoMum etc

My doctor told me pregnancy milk is full of sugar which could cause weight gain. Eating right and taking the right vitamins shud be sufficient. But it's up to individual preference. 😊👍🏼

i’m in sri lanka at the moment ( weligama ) it’s hard to find anmum, frisomum, or enfa mama😰, so my husband just bought pediapro, anyone experience of drinking this milk??