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Hi mummies. Can recommend me what soy milk brand should i buy for 2 mths old baby. Currently drinking enfamil a+ but still having diarrhea. So doc ask to change to soy milk. I'm new to all this soy brand. Pls help.

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If PD told u to change to soy milk means change to soy based. doesn't necessarily means change brand. my PD told me the brand doesn't matter. but the type of milk is what that suits your baby's need. best if ur PD can recommend u a feel brands. my PD recommended Enfamil, Similac, Nan and Frisco for special formula but since your PD suggested Soy i think better to get your PD to recommend 😊

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2y ago

Hi, my pd didn't recommend me any brand. still thinking what brand is good.

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There's quite a lot you can choose from. I switched to Isomil soya milk whenever my baby is having a diarrhea.

2y ago

alright sure! thank u so much.