I wanted to feed baby water, do I give normal water or warm water? Need to buy extra milk bottle for drinking water? What kind of milk bottle to choose to feed water?

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You can try just using a normal cup with straw. Most of my friends do that since they usually just give their little ones a few sips after the meal. Normal boiled water (at any temperature) is fine. Usually my friends would give water that is at room temperature.

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Below 6 mths, you won't be feeding a lot of water, i will use spoon feed or small transparent cup for feeding water. After 6 months, do start with straw bottles instead of sippy cup. I feel sippy cup is waste of money, my kids nv get to drink any water from it.

7y ago

U mean when baby is 6 months I can buy the straw cup which is for 9 months for him to drink water?

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How old is your baby? Before 6mo no need water. After 6mo, I will give them some when they start solid food. Usually after feeding them with solid, I feed them via spoon by spoon. Just a few spoon only.

How old is your baby? If baby is eating solid already I would buy a proper bottle.. Can straight away start with straw bottle for training.. Sippy cup is redundant in my opinion .. You can try pigeon petite

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I did give baby Luke warm water of maybe 10 ml in a milk bottle before he started having solids even though some people said its not recommended/ needed for breastfed baby to drink water before solid food Once start solid need to let baby drink water aft

How old is ur baby? If it jus few month old jus reuse ur milk bottle. If ur baby is older u can use straw cup. I normally give warm water.

U can feed water if your baby after 6months. I usually give my baby water everytime after his meal n after drink milk.

I suppose the baby is eating solids already. You can buy a sippy cup intended for his age.


How old is your baby? Dont need to feed water for baby below 6months

you can reuse your milk bottle and normal room temperature would do

You can feed baby water by milk bottle.