When to tell my husband?

I just tested positive :) should I immediately tell my husband? Or should I spare him the excitement and tell him after another test? Just in case it's a false positive ?

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I tested again using the digital pregnancy stick appearing "Pregnant" wording. I wrapped it in a box like a present for his early bdae surprise hahha. And video when he opened the present. cos i wanna captured that moment. U can think of many ideas how u wanna surprise him. It was sweet when looking back.

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Once i tested positive at home, i called him straight to come home from his fishing, just to tell him im preggy 😂 no point keeping a secret ahaha tell him earlier so can get your cravings faster and see how excited he is more than yourself🤪

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We weren't even thinking about pregnancy as we thought it would take a while to conceive. I was just testing to eliminate the possibility. Lol so i just took a pic of the test kit and sent to him.


We were told by the dr in the clinic n both of us got a shock together. 😂 didn’t expect it in the first place.. so too bad no chance for any surprises as I’m surprised myself.

I told my husband immediately after one test. I couldn't wait! Test kit are usually quite accurate, especially when you see the lines appeared clearly.

After I tested positive, I went for blood test to double confirm. Only told my husband after seeing the doc. Gosh the agony of not telling him!! 🙊

Congrats. I tell my hubby immediately after I tested positive. If u can hold back not telling first then is good to double confirm before inform him

I told my hubby immediately! But if you're unsure, maybe take another test a week later? The chances of false positive should be lower. :)

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HAHAHA! Don't worry, we've all been there! It's always better to share the joy and excitement. :) Next is to book a gynae check. Most gynae wont see you until week 8 though! So take your time to research~

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I hv told him immediately... once the test got + ve it never shows false alarm .. so just let him excited as much as u do

i told my husband immediately cos i couldn't contain the excitement any longer! 3 mths later then to my immediate family.

3y ago

Oooh... I told my mum already coz I'm a mummy's girl 😂😂 will let my husband know next! 😊