I need help!! My breastfeed baby doesn’t want to take the bottle.

Hi all, I need suggestions as I have tried to search on how to get a breastfed Baby to take the bottle. Sometimes she will drink from the bottle but most of the time she doesn’t want to. She will not take the pacifier as well. I’ve bought different bottle for her to try (NUK, Avent, Dr Brown,Pigeon) . But so far only Pigeon wide neck bottle was a success previously. I have tried to change the Nipple to a slow drip but she does not buy it. I will be going back to work in another 2 months. Help!!!
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My postnatal masseuse gave me a good insight. The bottle teat has to resemble mom’s nipple size and shape as much possible. My LO has no issue with bottle thankfully, we just started to introduce it
So sorry to hear, you must be very worried now. Am sure you have tried feeding bottle with different temperature, hungry/not hungry, skin to skin, different position, different person. Was wondering whether it would work if you try breastfeeding with nipple shield? Maybe then your baby can get use to the shape and texture of a teat? Or introduce pacifier (if you are open to it). Hang in there momma! I really hope baby will suck into those bottles soon.
I tried all ways. And she sometimes drink from the bottle but most of the time she won’t. No matter how hungry she is. She will be in infant care in Dec. So worried. I tried getting hubby to feel. And
I have same prob too ... my baby refuse the bottles since 2 months old till now he is one year ... no choice hv to feed using cup or spoon ..
Who feeds using the bottle? It is said that the mum who is breastfeeding should not feed using the bottle. Ask someone else to feed it. That way, the smell associated with you feeding the baby directl