I am still puking at 29 weeks, acid reflux and could not stop coughing and puking. Is it normal?

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Mine stopped at 20 weeks and started at 23 weeks again. Bad nausea. Intermittent puking. I just munch on biscuits, sour plums.. Drink water...

2y ago

Can take gavison everyday? U take how many times in a day?

It’s normal. My Friend had morning sickness throughout the entire preg. Munch some small bites so that you won’t get gastric

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Every pregnancy is different. Sounds normal to me but you can consult your gynae if you are worried.

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Every individual is different. Some experienced morning sickness throughout the pregnancy.

Normal but would be good to see gynae for anti nausea if cant take it

It's normal. Varies from one individual to another.

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Did u try taking any anti-nausea medication?

Its normal, part and parcel of pregnancy.

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Best to see your gynae

Yes it’s normal