I recently suffered a miscarriage and I am so worried I won't be able to conceive again. Has anybody faced the same issue and conceived after a while?

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sy pn bru mscrged last month because of polyp..dr ask me to take a rest for 6 month its due to 2 operation done in a month..a month just past waiting for another 5 month to try to conviece again..hope it will go smothly

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I know of a friend who suffered miscarriage but conceive again within 3 months. Most important is never give up and keep on trying. Have faith in yourself. :)

yes I had a miscarriage last year August and I'm now bless pregnant again just pray for safety journey until I get my baby

I miscarried on Christmas last year and ended up pregnant again 2 weeks later I am now 16 weeks and 2 days with a healthy hyper babyboy

Im still trying 8month after miscarriage. Bht fdont loose hope dear. At least, its a good sign that we know we can get pregnant. Its just not the right time yet. Dont get stress ok 😉

Sure you can !! Don’t ever lose hope. I had miscarriage for my 1st pregnancy (6 weeks), after 2 months recovery, we tried to consult with the doctor, and he diagnosed me with PCOs and prescribed me all the vitamins and drugs i need to take in the same time everyday. We did it for few months (some drugs is similar with diabetic treatment though i am not diabetic person and it made your mouth tastes bitter and weird, also made me feel dizzy). Still no result, until we decided to just rest a bit, no doctor, no medicine and suddenly i was pregnant. It took 9 months after the miscarriage to get pregnant again (so unexpectedly due to my circumstances). So my advise (it’s easier to say than done, sorry) is to check and maintain both of you and your partner’s health & mind, don’t stress it much, and hopefully the pregnancy will come along. Good luck!!

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Jgn sdih sis.. Sya pun mcm tu dulu.. Bykkn berdoa.. Inshaallah ada rzki lagi nnti.. Yg penting jgn stress tau.

I miscarried at 6 weeks and got pregnant 2 weeks later and am now 15 weeks 2m

2y ago

How about ur period ?

Will get preggy again. In fact do a mini confinement and when u are ready start trying. 1st half Yr very fertile. Jia you!

same with me. 4 mths already

2y ago

Xpe..bykkn ber Sbar sis.. Sya keguguran thun lps.. Slps 11bulan bru sya tau sya pregnant lagi..