TTC again after miscarriage

Hi, I just had a miscarriage a week ago and still having mense. But would like to know how long do you start to conceive again after miscarriage? What are the chances of having successful pregnant again?#advicepls

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I got pregnant again 5 months after my miscarriage and my little boy is now 15 days old. do take good care of yourself and rest well during this period. don't rush into getting pregnant. you need to recuperate so you'll be in good health and condition to get pregnant again.

2y ago

congrats... thank you 🙂

usually people will give about 3-6 months before getting pregnant again because need to make sure inside is clear and clean

2y ago

tats what doc advise.

It took me 1 year to conceive again. I’m now 10 week pregnant. Heal your body first , don’t rush.

2y ago

congratulations! thank you for sharing