Do You Rock Baby To Sleep?

I read that it is recommended to put baby down in cot while drowsy but awake and let baby learn to self soothe and go to sleep on their own but my LO just not able to do so. She will cry after left in cot and can't go to sleep in her own no matter how I try, swaddle white noise pacifier etc. She will need to be sufficiently fed and have us to carry and rock to sleep. She's abt 5 wks old now do they know how to sleep on their own at this age?

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Agree with the rest, 5-weeks still a bit young? I started my son on bedtime routine at about 3.5 months and after 1 month, it was a success! But occasionally the naughty one still wants to be carried to sleep... My mom says sometimes baby having bad day or just want to feel extra secure, so I will rock him a little before putting him down 😊 Quite pitiful especially when he so tired but unsure why not falling asleep...

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