Hi mummies i need to know will 9 months baby have difficulty adapting to infant care? Any mummies out there having any problem sending their LO around that age? Will they sleep by following schedule or the baby timing? How about cranky baby that need to be rock and cradle to sleep? Will the teachers able to rock them too or just let them on their own in their cot till they cry to sleep? Any mummy experience before? Thanks

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My girl was in infant care for less than a month when circuit breaker started. When we put her back in infant care, she was about 10 months. She adapted really well to infant care. I guess she was getting bored at home. The teachers will usually not let them cry it out as it might wake other sleeping babies. Trust the teachers and try out for a while. Follow your instincts and observe your baby’s behaviour. Some babies might take a while to get used to infant care but don’t worry! Babies adapt really fast food

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