Prenavit tablet (vitamins )and folic acid

Hi Mummies, My gynae prescribed prenavit vitamins for me...i forgot to ask if it is okay to take it with folic acid together? So, wanted to ask your opinions if it is okay to take the vitamins and folic acid together in one day? Thank you?

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Best to consult your gynae. When I was pregnant, I took folic acid & multi vitamins 2hrs apart. Reason : easier to digest & better absorption.

Hey, I think your gynae will be best to advise on this as it really varies from person to person and the metabolism activities as well

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I stopped folic acid after the multi vit as the multivitamin tabs also had folic acid in their composition

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If the prenatal vits already have folic acid, may not need to take both. Check the ingredients listing.

i asked before and my doc said its ok!

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Best to consult your gynaecologist

Better call the gynae to check

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I usually take them together