First gynae appointment during 14 weeks

I only managed to get my first gynae appointment at the hospital next month. I will be about 14 weeks pregnant by then. should I be concern? tried to get an earlier slot but it's all full. :(

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Try calling a few clinics for gynae appointment.

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14 weeks is abit late.. might wan to go earlier

I think if can have an earlier gynae appointment as there is a first trimester test if you interested to take (btw 11 to 13/14 weeks)

Ya abit late. 14 weeks was my second appointment. Which hospital you going

As long as you're not experiencing cramping or other symptoms you are worried about, should be fine. Check out other options if you can? Just in case.

you can keep calling the hosp everyday to see if anyone cancel then u can change! my appt was very late too so I kept calling

hmmmz...14 weeks is abit late...can you go to another gynae? or go to KKH?

Go for a prvt gynae first, dont miss the downsyndrome test as it can only be done before 14 wks..

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Technically, i only found out i am pregnant at 12 weeks. My first gynae visit is at 13 weeks. Still not too. But the moment i know, i start taking obimin

try gg to sgh and walk in or go to poly they will give a referal letter to kkh