First gynae appointment during 14 weeks

I only managed to get my first gynae appointment at the hospital next month. I will be about 14 weeks pregnant by then. should I be concern? tried to get an earlier slot but it's all full. :(

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First scan is best done between week 8 (good chance of hearing heartbeat) and week 12. Too early is pointless because can't detect heartbeat or maybe can't even see fetus yet. Super early scans can see how many uterus sags to detect whether it's a twin but really that can wait. Down syndrome test must be done by week 13 Day 6. Thereafter, the baby's skin is less translucent making it harder to yield accurate scan results for this down syndrome risk test. Try calling a few other private clinics e.g. Dr Ann Tan, Wendy, etc to get a slot between week 12 and week 13 day 6.

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i visited a normal general practitioner from the time we tested positive using pregnancy kit. we were referred to our gynae of choice from 20 weeks onwards. :) for normal gp, every visit includes urine test, blood pressure, height and weight. for 3rd and 4th month, gp also used a doppler to hear baby heartbeat. blood test was also done at 3rd month :)

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Are you trying to get a specific gynae via private at the hospital? or through subsidies? Try to schedule an appt with a private clinic or subsidized through hospital latest by 8 weeks. The time frame is critical for down syndrome test which can only be done before 13 weeks. Hopefully all will be well for you!

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Hi congratulations 🥳! Don’t worry mommy, I’m in the same situation as u. I’m about 13 weeks for my first appointment at NUH next week! Yay! 🤩They don’t have earlier slot as they are fully booked. But it’s alright! Just eat well drink plenty of water and eat your folic acid ! ❤️

Go polyclinic get referral to kkh, you can get appt date around 2 weeks (if you want subsidy) or call kkh for private check up. Impt to check baby heart beat and if you want to take down syndrome test you have to do it before week 13.

I am now on my 14th week, day 4. lagi ako nagsusuka tuwing maliligo at nagtu-tooth brush. 😔 Then just today, super sakit po ng puson ko, feeling ko magkakaroon ako. parang anytime may lalabas na blood sa akin.😭 Normal po ba ito? Any tips please. Thank you

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same. nasusuka din ako pag naliligo.

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I personally think it’s late. 14 weeks u have missed all the 1st trimester testing (eg: Oscar etc). Unless u don’t intend to do all those test, then shld be ok. Otherwise, go find a temporary private gynae first ? Or keep calling the hospital!

its normal some gynae to have full slot. some only managed to see their choice of gynae at 6months onwards. so before 6months they went for subsidy checkup ..if u can wait tthen u wait and go for subsidy checkup if not find other gynae

As long as you don't experience any symptoms that is something to worry about you should be okay and just make sure that you are taking your pre natal vitamins while waiting like folic acid and iron with vitamin C.

I was worry hospital appointment limited. So I choose woman’s clinic. Expensive but play safe. As within first 12 week need to make sure baby got heart beat. Also within 12-14 week need to do Down syndrome scan.