My LO has jus turned 1 year old this month.. he has been cruising and crawling .. haven't started walking yet. Should I be worried ?

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Hi, No, you should not be worried at all. Some kids take time in reaching the milestones. Plus, this is actually the time when most of the kids are on the verge of starting to walk or would take a few more months to do that. He is not at all late if we compare him to the kids who start walking early because kids usually start walking a few more months after their first birthday. Just relax, he will walk. Till that time, enjoy his causing and crawling. These few months are the only ones when he will be doing it, so cherish the moments.

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Hi you shouldn't worry because babies will walk between 9-16 months. Most babies I know walked around 14mo. My bro walked at 18mo and me at 10mo. So you see we all have different pace. He is already cruising so I won't be too worried. You can encourage him by holding his hands when he is facing you and making him walk towards you. I also find that putting them in a playpen makes it easier for them to learn to walk as they will be daring to walk from one end to the other

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Dun need to worry.. I had some june mummies whoes babies onky start walking at the mth of 16 mo.