My LO is 13 months old n is still crawling and cruising .. I'm worried why he hasn't started to attempt to try to walk.

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I am sure he will start walking soon. My nieces all walked at 14mo. My bro walked at 18mo. Every child has their own development speed and for now i don't think he is behind time. I recalled I was worried my gal was not crawling at 9mo and suddenly within a week she started crawling and cruising at the same time. They will walk when they are ready to

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My no1 walked at 13 months but was stumbling alot when he first started. No2 walked at 18 months and when he walked - he was already running. Fast forward to date.. my no1 despite walking earlier is alot less coordinated compared to my no2.... So don't worry if your child walks late...theres no disadvantage :)

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Let baby go at own pace. U can also put things around baby that may allow him to explore to stand and also to walk. Like the mat is beside the wall or there is a steady big box that he can hold and push himself up etc. but u have to be there for some of these aids. Let baby decide when he wants to walk

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My firstborn only started walking at 15 months and my cousin at 18 months. Let your LO develop at his pace. It should only become a concern at 18 months if he still doesn't walk. There is also old wives tale that state that the child will enjoy good life if he walks later rather than earlier .

Let lo grow at his own pace. Different babies develop at their own pace. It is okay as long as baby is still crawling and cruising. I would not worry about it. If you are still unsure, best to bring it up to your PD during your next visit.